The rail kit increases the versatility of the REVOLVE camera dolly tenfold. It allows you to use the dolly at any location, even where the rough or uneven surface would otherwise prevent you from capturing smooth video.

revolve dolly on rails

The kit consists of a set of pipe clamping blocks, as well as 4 guide rods (which screw into the axles of the dolly). The pipe clamping blocks have a threaded screw hole on the bottom so that you can attach them to tripods to deliver height at one or both ends. Add a set of pipes in a length of your choosing (which are very inexpensive and readily available), and you are ready to roll! Allowing customers to purchase their own pipes keeps the costs down on both ends, makes the kit easy to ship, and lets you choose the length of yout track.

track tracking dolly slider track video The Revolve can also be used as a cable cam or trolley dolly. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, especially when paired with motion controllers like The Genie. Below is a picture of us testing out the theory with a set of eye bolts

trolley dolly


We also offer a customized monopod, which screws directly into the base of the dolly and allows you to add height to the shot when you need it. It is adjustable from 20-65" and can also be used as a standard monopod when it isn't attached to the dolly. We also found that this combination functions well as a camera stabilizer. The monopod acts as a jib with the dolly as a counterweight which helps to stabilize handheld shots.

monopod dolly accessory video


We also offer a number of additional accessories that we do not manufacture ourselves, but still work wonderfully with our product.

THE FRICTION ARM is a great way to mount small to medium sized cameras to the dolly, and allows you to position the camera any way you would like. Friction arms are also the best way to mount additional camera gear onto the dolly such as lights, microphones, monitors, etc. They are very versatile and incredibly strong. There are two mounting holes on each axle that friction arms will screw right into.

THE BALL HEAD- We offer a professional ball head with quick release plate at a great price. This is the most stable mounting solution for larger DSLR or camcorders. This heavy duty magnesium alloy ball head is a great addition to the dolly, and can be used on your tripod as well.

THE GLIF is an innovative iPhone 4 mount from our friends at Studio Neat, and is a great way to get the most out of the HD video capabilities of your iPhone. It is threaded at the bottom, and can mount directly to the dolly, or to a friction arm or ball head.

accessory addition glif monopod rail kit ball head friction arm


These accessories will be available for purchase with the Revolve once our first production run is finished. For now, please visit our Kickstarter campaign to purchase.



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