The Revolve camera dolly is a platform for capturing smooth and dynamic video footage. This system can create a wide variety of tracking shots and rotational dolly shots as well as dynamic time lapse and stop motion photography. It is compatible with virtually any camera, and is suitable for use on all surfaces and at any location.

revolve camera dolly with friction arms and accessories

The adjustable axles of the dolly allow it to travel in a straight line, or in a curved line or rotational arc of any angle. Each axle is threaded with two 1/4" -20 holes, which provide mounting points for additional camera accessories, and also allow the dolly to travel on rails (with the optional rail kit).

iphone video tracking dolly slider

The Revolve dolly is compatible with virtually any camera on the market, whether you want to shoot with a DSLR, an iPhone, a camcorder, a point and shoot, etc! Your camera can mount directly to the base of the dolly with the included mounting screws, or you can use a ball head, friction arm, our specialized monopod, or any other mount to gove your camera more versatility.

versatile revolve camera dolly


  • Portable, versatile, and lightweight; virtually no setup required
  • Can be used with any camera, tripod head, friction arm, mount, etc with 1/4" or 3/8" threading
  • Soft urethane wheels for smooth and quiet movement
  • Laser engraved 'Ruler' markings on base to help with alignmnet of axles

revolve camera dolly table top dolly


  • Constructed of hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum for a very strong frame
  • Anodized black to protect against wear and corrosion
  • Laser engraved logo and ruler markings to help align axles for straight and curved shots
  • Soft polyurethane wheels for smooth ride, quality ball bearings for effortless glide
  • weight: 1lb 7oz
  • length: 10"
  • width:7.5"

Below is our Kickstater video for the revolve dolly- This video shows the dolly in use and provides information about the Revolve

Revolve: Kickstarter from Ancible Media on Vimeo.

This short video demonsrates some of the types of shots that can be achieved with the REVOLVE camera dolly!

Untitled from Revolve Camera on Vimeo.

The REVOLVE camera dolly can create a wide assortment of cinematic effects! Tracking dolly shots, rotational dolly shots, dynamic inward/outward tracking, rotational panning, time lapse photography, stop motion animation, and more!



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